Monday, April 24, 2023

black_ops / 22nd April 2023 HQ by CAMP

Rimbaud - Alchemy of the Word

Abner Malaty - Seclusion

Greg Nieuwsma and Antonello Perfetto - Chapter 3

Adriano Cava - Magnetic Lines II

George Christian - O Vento (Versão Elétrica)

Todd W. Emmert - As The Crow Flies


Tenebrøst - Watcher of the woods

Penelope Trappes - The Bitterness Of Parting

Llyn Y Cwn - Pebble

Peter W. with Imi Gavin - Bat Angel (Suelynee Ho mix)

Left Hand Cuts off the Right - Right Kind of Personality

Selfish Limbs - Our infinity

Nonconnah - We Found A Kitten Skull Painted Gold

smaely p - all you ever seem to do is having way too much fun

Plurals - Negative Index

Tukahdus - Escape

Sunday, April 09, 2023

black_ops / 08th April 2023 HQ by CAMP

Stephen Dwoskin - Trying to kiss the moon

pestzone - The Dark Nebula

Haarvöl - A quiet, indecipherable tone

Razen - A Postcard From Gabrielle

The Remakquels - Illness as Metaphor

Lia Kohl - in a specific room

Black Hair Rolled In Dried Blood - Control Without Walls

Leonard Donat - Level Up

Johann Wlight - Aube

Modelbau - Shadow Men Part 5 (excrpt)

Inner Alchemy - Long Night of Lead (excrpt)

Musique Concret - Incidents in Rural Places 1

Factor X - Introduction 02

Teeth of Divine - Сам (Alone)

Peter Wullen - no drama no drone (with leslie keffer)

old70 - Compliance Department

Stephen Dwoskin - Trying to kiss the moon

Hydromedusae - Waking