Sunday, November 10, 2013

Saturday, November 09, 2013

« Secret Brussels » – Carte Blanche Peter Wullen @ Radio Campus 09.11.2013 from 6pm till 8pm

Lucrecia Dalt – Glosolalia (from 'Syzygy')

OHNE – Track 7 (from OHNE-1)

Scott Walker – Pilgrim (from 'Bisch Bosh')

Peter Wullen & Una Lee – Societies Rust Suns (Tom Smith rework)

Dalglish – Ciaradh (from 'Niaw Ot Vile')

Peter Wullen & Una Lee – Incestuous Sisters (Dalglish rework)

Franck Vigroux – Ressac (from 'Prisme')

Einóma – Minióma (from 'Tvenna' EP)

Bjarni Gunnarsson – Concomitance (from 'Processes and Potentials')

Bérangère Maximin & Richard Pinhas – Carnaval Cannibale (from 'No One Is An Island')

Reinaldo Laddaga – excerpt from 'Things a mutant needs to know' (from Unsounds book + 2xCD)

Linea Aspera – Kinabalu (from 'II' EP)

Francisco Lopez & Reinier Van Houdt – Untitled #275 (Movement 1)

Zbigniew Karkowski – Nerve Cell (feat Anton Lukoszevieze)(excerpt from 'Nerve Cell_0)

Gintas K – Reik (from 'Slow')

Dajuin Yao – Words without a song (feat Jerlian Tsao) (from 'Cinnabar Red Drizzle')

Dj Cheb I Sabbah & Ira Cohen – Song to Nothing / Letter to Caliban / End of a Line (from 'The Majoon Traveler')

T/SMS – Unreleased (from the forthcoming T/SMS album)

Phill Niblock – Feedcorn Ear (featuring Arne Deforce) (from 'Touch 5')

broadcast dedicated to the memory of Ira Cohen and DJ Cheb I Sabbah

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Lucrecia Dalt, 'Inframince' from the album 'Syzygy'.

Lucrecia Dalt's music might sound frail and fragile at first listen but titles and lyrics are full of references to art, literature and films. Like a philosophy student dabbling with music. You don't need to know all that though to enjoy her soundscapes. Here's 'Inframince' from her new album 'Syzygy'.