Sunday, September 11, 2022

black_ops / 10th September 2022 by CAMP

black_ops 48-CAMP.Fr 10.09.22

Christopher Petit - Dead TV

Imperial Valley - Towards Mammoth Wash, dusk, Oct 29, 1929

green season - western eutrophia

evoked response - Time Does Not Exist

Carnivorous Aerie - Rocks-Droll-Air Glacial Anatomy - Star VI there are no birds here - Stryance (pt)

Peter Wullen - to open the door

Les Horribles Travailleurs - 'Rausch'

Moray Newlands - Near

Distant Animals vs The Revenant Sea - Yields

Nigredo - De Tenebroso Lacu

noemienours - II. Les Viéleux, et les Gueux Robbie Elizee vs Kieran Mahon - Sister States

Jesús Acevedo - Remembering Rybys (The Divine Invasion)

Eva Kierten - The Metallic Ratio (excrpt)

Jo Montgomerie - the times i let you think you know me

Imperial Valley - Folded time/north shore homily, 'Even tomorrow the Lord will show who are his', Sept 7, 1929/49