Sunday, March 31, 2013

RM74 - 'Orkas Dream'.

RM74- Orkas Dream from Sera Timms on Vimeo.

Sera Timms is not only very famous in the LA area as a singer with the bands Ides Of Gemini, Black Math Horseman and her own recent solo project Black Mare, she is also a keen photographer and a video artist. Here's the excellent video she made for Swiss band RM74's 'Orkas Dream' from their new album 'Two Sides of a Triangle'.

'Grey Seeds', by Cedric Dupire & Bjarni Gunnarson.

GREY SEEDS from Cedric Dupire on Vimeo.

I know this is just too much for a lot of people but I think it's great! This video by Cedric Dupire is just top of the bill. The sounds were made by the more experimental side of the Icelandic duo Einóma, Bjarni Gunnarsson... The whole video is just splendid and miles away from what he did and is still doing with Einóma.

'Afloat', by Una Lee.

Afloat from paxsincera on Vimeo.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

'Entrailles' by Franck Vigroux.

ENTRAILLES - Extraits - Excerpts from APRÈS LA GUERRE on Vimeo.

French sound sculptor Franck Vigroux has done some excellent work lately. Some time ago he released the fine album 'We (Nous Autres)' on D'Autres Cordes. On the other hand he's been working a lot with Belgian video artist Kurt D' Haeseleer. His latest project is a dvd called 'Entrailles' ('Insides') shot with Gregory Robin in a deserted coalmine in Saint-Etienne in France. It's very apt surroundings for Vigroux. You see some eerie and stark images of machines, name tags, empty elevators going up and down the mine shaft. In the middle of it all Vigroux experiments cooly with his digital music machines. In a bit more than a half an hour you see him shifting from abstract noise to some chopped down beats. But the most interesting moment is when he straps on a red guitar - Vigroux is in fact a guitarist - for some real guitar noise. The dvd is in fact well balanced. The attention shifts from Vigroux to the deserted mine and then back to the musician. The contrast is there. The dvd felt a bit too short but it's well worth a view...