Thursday, June 09, 2016

A Duck in a Tree 2016-06-04 | Soften Set

track list

01 Id M Theft Able - There Were Two People Smoking, There Was a Little Bit of Snow on the Ground [extract]

02 Peter Wullen - Haunted Forest in the Rain

03 Fossil Aerosol Mining Project - Beyond Belief

04 Ultra-red - 990614 Los Angeles River and 134 Freeway at Bette Davis Park

05 Filipo Laresca (Rizomas) - Taxonomía

06 [unknown sound recordist] - Dooropen

07 Freiband - Vrijdag [extract]

08 Ivan Black - The Wandering

09 Harold Nono - Otōsan

10 Snezhana Reizen - IceExp (Act I)

11 Mathieu Lamontagne & Emmanuel Toledo - Anthracite

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Globoscuro & Peter Wullen - Seed Of The Cosmic Horse

Another one for the digitalDIZZY MerzBarn funder: A new collaboration with Globoscuro. My poem Seed of the Cosmic Horse read by Talkbot voice. Cut-up: Peter Wullen. Voice: Talkbot. Sounds: Emiliano Pietrini. I used a mash-up of an anti-copyright text by Peter Lamborn Wilson with elements of the RG Veda as a mantra to repeat endlessly.There's also a video for the track here: