Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Franck Vigroux - 'We (nous autres)'

Sometimes you can be so impressed by an album that you actually wonder where it came from. It can't just fall out of the sky, can it? Such is the case with 'We (nous autres)' from French noise artist Franck Vigroux. Then you find out that Vigroux has been active in the French experimental scene for more than 10 years. 'We (nous autres)' is just as good as a noise album can be. The titles of the short and few long tracks say enough: 'Ashes II', 'Ashes IV', 'Fire' and the outstanding 14 minute long 'Crash'. My favourite track is 'Traits' with its scorched beats. This is an album that literally burns into your brain. Its intensity scorches your pine gland. But still you want to hear it again and again. Vigroux is the last straw of French experimental music.


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