Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Mother Stone (French version) - Peter Wullen, Globoscuro​, Mach feedback​, Isabella Ros DE Castro​ & Christoph Bruneel - The Mother Stone (Hortus Conclusus Records​ 2016)

VVAA - The Mother Stone (Hortus Conclusus Records 2016)

"The Mother Stone" is of these oneiric albums that realizes its pure poetic lavishness due to the purposeful intersection of significances, metaphors, instruments, interpretations and wavering ecletic moods. String instruments, mallet instruments, guitars, piano, vocoder, synthesizers, field recordings, and voices which harmonize the acting in 4 distinct languages (english, french, spanish and italian) are the vital ingredients that form this intimate concoction of poetry, music, noise, theater and silence thus creating a pulsating flow of darkness and a driving force that seems capable to generate surrealistic parallel universes. The glitch side of the album is mostly reduced, and if crackles, squeakings or streams of static noise occur, they are by their very nature present yet distant, a voiceover that amalgamates and combines but definitely embraced by the caress of a dis-harmonious improvisational squared structures.