Thursday, September 11, 2014

"4 Poems" by L'Ane Qui Butine.

OK! Here it is then! The "4 Poems" folded booklet with a unique drawing by Xtoph Bruneel, delivered in a small envelope to protect it. The booklet contains 4 original mashup poems + 1 parasite poem in the middle. Each copy is handsigned by Xtoph and the author. A CD-R with 18 poemscapes is optional. The book is handbound together. The pages are grey Strathmore for the cover and light blue, green & red Bugra for the inlay pages. The price is fixed at 22€ but this is negotiable if there's some kind of exchange involved. This is an edition of only 33 copies, hand numbered and signed. Please send an email to: or

"4 Poems" by L'Ane Qui Butine,