Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Rehang MMXXII pt2 by black_ops

Quay Brothers - Through The Weeping Glass On The Consolations Of Life Everlasting


Wanderwelle - The Devil Knows How To Row

The Incidental Crack - Belting

Patrick Corcoran - A peculiar feeling

Jaycock, Burge - Above, looking in

The Liquid Clear - Mainstream (excrpt)

Cravune - Outside

f5point6 - Shifting Perspectives

Sven Phalanx - Dream Inside a Dream

May HD - Never Forget (nunca esqueça)

Concrete Colored Paint - Model Reflected In Movement

Adela Mede - Voda Sa Vráti Tiež

The Creeping Man - You Don't Go Out With The Fellas Anymore

Isolated Community - Acceptance

Fantastic Rectangles - Berns

Lalén Ríos Luna - A Poet in Times of Total Devastation

Fordell Research Unit - American Princess

Mollbury Medical Research Centre - Beyond Our Comprehension

Black Hair Rolled In Dried Blood - Hollyhocks & Wild Garlic

LDSN - I'm Scared

Peter Wullen - Love Is Mortar

Kuma - The Likeness of Prophetic Being

Karen & Peter - En Hiver

Distant Animals - The World Won't Stop Without Us (extract)

Whettman Chelmets - But None of These Things Were Ever Permanent

Imperial Valley - Fields North of Kane Springs, Oct 8, 1938

Carol Anne McGowan - O Willow Waly

DAFAKE - Hypnagogia

[something's happening] - invariably

SANA OBRUENT - Extremum Casum Meum Et In Aeternum Vale

Grey Frequency - Empyrean

In Gloom Hours We Move - Axons

Leslie Keffer - Mourning

Bipolar Explorer - The Dark Outside, The Light Within (extended version)

Caeiro - Ting Sculpture 6

dogs versus shadows - what was underfoot used to be quite something

Les Horribles Travailleurs - 9

Okkulte - Nox

fencepost - preparation_XXII_Vostock_I

Anatomy of the Heads - Stone Teeth Demons

Jo Montgomerie - they all fell so easily

The Haunters - Spirit Circles (featuring LDSN)

Arvik Torrenssen - Kaskades

there are no birds here - Stryance (excrpt)

Beckton Alps2 - nagel haired

Breakdown Benjamin - Abspann

Sølvkre - Begravet Uten Hode

les hommes-chiens - Écho Sentinelle (pt)

Bill Callahan - The Horse

Saturday, November 05, 2022

The Institute of Spectra-Sonic Sound 11.05.22 HQ by spectrasonicsound


Sun Dog----Glacière---cronica.bandcamp.com

The Dead Mauriacs----Acte 1--3:05---muhmur.radio@gmail.com

Patrick Shiroishi----here comes a candle to light you to bed (edit)--8:42---touch33.net

Peter Wullen----no drama no drone (with leslie keffer)--17:53---peterwullen.bandcamp.com

Blood Rhythms----Horror Pilation 2A (edit)--21:52---nopartofit.bandcamp.com

Jeph Jerman----Side A (edit)--31:05---whitecentipedenoise.bandcamp.com

Manja Ristić & Mark Vernon----Murinin san - Murina’s Dream--42:53---manjaristic.bandcamp.com

Christine Abdelnour & Andy Moor----Exchanging Oversize Chrome Objects--50:33---unsounds.bandcamp.com

Bruno Duplant----Zone Habitable (edit)--53:38---fernsrecordings.bandcamp.com

Ekkoflok----Bo Ohm--1:02:04---clanglabel.bandcamp.com

Méryll Ampe----Come Along--1:08:18---misanthropicagenda.bandcamp.com

Network Glass and Jason Crumer----4 Prerequisite--1:12:35---misanthropicagenda.bandcamp.com

Jo Bled----Heroic Dose (edit)--1:17:30---histaminetapes.bandcamp.com

Clarice Jensen----Sadness--1:28:13---130701.com

Peter Zummo & Tilman Robinson----Thought Sent Valley--1:32:32---7klassik.bandcamp.com

Ethan James Startzman----Windy cave / zombies--1:36:09---subexoticrecords.bandcamp.com


Arovane & Taylor Deupree----Stenn Dispel--1:45:29---12k.com

Sawako----Space Dive--1:48:35---12k.com

In Situ Ens.----4 Same Place (edit)--1:53:20---cubusrecords.bandcamp.com

Sunday, September 11, 2022

black_ops / 10th September 2022 by CAMP

black_ops 48-CAMP.Fr 10.09.22

Christopher Petit - Dead TV

Imperial Valley - Towards Mammoth Wash, dusk, Oct 29, 1929

green season - western eutrophia

evoked response - Time Does Not Exist

Carnivorous Aerie - Rocks-Droll-Air Glacial Anatomy - Star VI there are no birds here - Stryance (pt)

Peter Wullen - to open the door

Les Horribles Travailleurs - 'Rausch'

Moray Newlands - Near

Distant Animals vs The Revenant Sea - Yields

Nigredo - De Tenebroso Lacu

noemienours - II. Les Viéleux, et les Gueux Robbie Elizee vs Kieran Mahon - Sister States

Jesús Acevedo - Remembering Rybys (The Divine Invasion)

Eva Kierten - The Metallic Ratio (excrpt)

Jo Montgomerie - the times i let you think you know me

Imperial Valley - Folded time/north shore homily, 'Even tomorrow the Lord will show who are his', Sept 7, 1929/49

Saturday, August 20, 2022

to open the door from a tale of woe. Woe by Peter Wullen

b hum by Peter Wullen

Saturday, August 13, 2022

The Institute of Spectra-Sonic Sound 8.13.22 by spectrasonicsound


Peter Wullen----a tale of b hum---peterwullen.bandcamp.com

Ian William Craig----Zero Crossing--5:02---fat-cat.co.uk

Alex Zethson----Residy, Part I, excerpt--10:10---alexzethson.bandcamp.com

Philippe Simon----Bleu--13:36---kalaminerecords.bandcamp.com

{AN} EeL----Making Bones--24:12---camembertelectrique.bandcamp.com

MITEI NARICO----Short trip--30:12---camembertelectrique.bandcamp.com

Cousin Silas & Glenn Sogge----Darkness Strolls, Tuesday 11-53 PM (edit)--35:17---cousinsilas1.bandcamp.com

esperik glare----Circles of Cacti (Desert Mothers)--46:28---esperikglare.bandcamp.com

Heavy Cloud----Lost surf--49:21---histaminetapes.bandcamp.com

zane kanevsky----please i really want to talk to you about something--53:45---norentrecords.bandcamp.com


Wojciech Kiwer----50°03'24.5"N 19°56'16.4"E--1:05:26---szarareneta.bandcamp.com

Tomasz Pizio----B2: Klatka schodowa przed Galerią Malarstwa Polskiego--1:11:31---szarareneta.bandcamp.com

Brent Gutzeit----July 7, 2022_014--1:17:08---jmymusic.bandcamp.com

dead branch----20220521_07--1:21:22---jmymusic.bandcamp.com

Saito Koji----Ray of Light (Excerpt)--1:28:34---elanvital.bandcamp.com

ANMA----Sketch 1--1:31:42---syncopathicrecordings.bandcamp.com

Graham Dunning----Floating Object--1:34:22---grahamdunning.bandcamp.com

Strangebird~Sounds----Old Map--1:38:50---ab-strangebird-sounds.bandcamp.com

Sebastian Tomb----Whatever exists preys part2 (edit)--1:42:48---sebastiantomb.bandcamp.com

Edo Žuđelović----Identifikacija (edit)--1:48:31---grimmgoatrecords.bandcamp.com Identifikacija

Edo Žuđelović----Neophodno Za Život (edit)--1:53:30---implodingsounds.bandcamp.com

Thursday, August 04, 2022

a tale of woe. Woe by Peter Wullen