Thursday, March 27, 2014

Antoine Chessex: "Ritournelle Fulgurante (for Leo Mingrone)".

Antoine Chessex: "Ritournelle Fulgurante (for Leo Mingrone)" from Physicofsounds on Vimeo.

Monno - III (from 'Cheval Ouvert').

Is everybody already running wild about the new Swans song 'A Little God In Our Hands'? Haha... Me, I'm more impressed by this new album by the combo Monno. Here's a crazy & ultraspeedy track produced by Roli Mossiman, the former Swans drummer....

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Pink Floyd - Early '67 UFO - DOPE excerpt (higher Q)

Pink Floyd at the UFO club in 1967. Excerpt from the delicious 'DOPE' film by Flame Schon and Sheldon Rochlin. What if I tell you we are working with 60s legend Flame right now on a brand new videopoem with sounds by Una Lee and Gintas K? Would you believe me? Yes! The starting point for me was a certain memory of the rippling still Mylar images by our mutual friend, the late poet, artist & filmmaker Ira Cohen. But we made something totally different after all. Soon to come!

Friday, February 07, 2014

Two completely new Sappho poems discovered.

[ … ] But you always chatter that Charaxus is coming, His ship laden with cargo. That much, I reckon, only Zeus Knows, and all the gods; but you, you should not Think these thoughts, Just send me along, and command me To offer many prayers to Queen Hera That Charaxus should arrive here, with His ship intact, And find us safe. For the rest, Let us turn it all over to higher powers; For periods of calm quickly follow after Great squalls. They whose fortune the king of Olympus wishes Now to turn from trouble to [ … ] are blessed and lucky beyond compare. As for us, if Larichus should [ … ] his head And at some point become a man, Then from full many a despair Would we be swiftly freed.

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Soundpoem Remix Project by Unsung Minds (Una Lee + Peter Wullen).

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

'Black Canary' by Chris H Lynn, voice: Una Lee, words: Peter Wullen.

Black Canary from chris h lynn on Vimeo.

The aim of a poet is not to win prizes. To be famous. To be popular. Even not to produce books. That's left for the others to decide. The aim of a poet is to leave as much traces as possible during a lifetime. Like seeds we blow in the wind. Like water we flow in all directions. We project fire. We consume everything before we are consumed ourselves.