Saturday, January 21, 2012

Oren Ambarchi - 'Audience of one'

Oren Ambarchi used to be the uncrowned king of suspended guitar notes. 'Suspension' from 2001 is after 10 years still a worthy masterpiece. The album created a new genre. In 10 years time Ambarchi gained a lot of respect and he worked together with everyone in the experimental scene with music ranging from suspended ambient to sheer noise. His new album 'Audience of one' on the Touch label is kind... of a milestone too. Audience of one? Yes! But Ambarchi is not alone on this record. His trademark guitar playing is here nicely integrated in a set of 4 tracks with lots of collaborators like Eyvind Kang, Joe Talia, Crys Cole, Jessica Kenney and many others. 'Salt' features lyrics and voice of Paul Duncan from Warm Ghost, an Australian band well worth seeking out. 'Knots' is a different beast, a freakout free improv trip of 33 minutes, which reminded me a lot of New Zealand improv scene of the nineties. 'Passage' and 'Fractured Mirror' are vintage Ambarchi tracks but executed with such brilliance! The year only started and here is already a masterpiece. 'Audience of one' from Oren Ambarchi comes out on the 30th January 2012!

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