Monday, January 16, 2012

Guts of a chihuahua

Oh, I was impressed by Francisco López and Reinier Van Houdt deconstructing the piano on 'Untitled #275'. And I was even more astounded by Reinhold Friedl's (Zeitkratzer) 2 hour trip inside the piano. But this is even more radical & extreme... 'Guts' really means the insides of a piano. You don't know what you hear when you listen to this. Sometimes the sound of shrieking metal. Sometimes the sound of trampled & shattered glass. This is an eeping, screeping record. It's abrasive but the funny thing is: I actually enjoyed listening to this Menche album. It's not just noise. He has a method. There's a method in all this madness. Or maybe there's not. Daniel Menche simply destroys the image of the piano as a romantic instrument for once and for all in exactly 4 movements: 'Guts 1', 'Guts 2', 'Guts 3' and 'Guts 4'. So, guts, guts, guts & bloody guts. A piano that screams like a tortured chihuahua. What about that? And oh yes... The x-ray photo on the cover does show the guts of a chihuahua dog. Impressive stuff!

'Guts' by Daniel Menche is now out on Editions Mego,

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