Monday, January 23, 2012

Fennesz + Sakamoto - 'Flumina'

There was a time when Christian Fennesz was really innovative. These times are long gone. 'Seven stars' for all its beauty hardly raised my interest. Oh yes, nice sleeve and nice drums by Steven Hess. Great, but... Fennesz must feel this too. The time lapses between solo releases are getting longer. The collaborations though... Here is one with the eternal mr Sakamoto. He already worked with Alva Noto last year and here is one with Fennesz. It's a double album. I like the 2nd one more. Although the name of Fennesz comes in the 1rst place, you can barely notice him in the overall sound. This is nice soft pianomusic with a twist like sun shining through rainclouds or the other way around. There are some very nice moments like track 8 of disc 2. But it remains good background music. Not more!

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