Friday, May 14, 2010

Interview with Alik Orozov: "Kyrgyzstan despairingly lost in transition period"

Colonel Alik Orozov is the officer of security services of Kyrgyzstan. In April 2007 he sent in resignation from deputy secretary of the Security Council protesting against policy conducted by authorities of the country. He headed the public and political movement “Democratic Joint Union”. Today he answers questions of NA “”.

Alik Karybaevich, how do you estimate the public and political situation in Kyrgyzstan?

"We have to consider events of April 2010 as consequences of serious social blast. The nepotism regime ruled the powder keg of the human anger carelessly. Only spark were needed. As the result the interim government attempts to suppress flashes of anger creating trouble zones anywhere. And it is impossible to foresee where next zone of discontent can emerge. I can only assume that the new authorities are making blunders trying do that is shouldn’t be done."

What do you mean saying that the interim government shouldn’t do that…

"…It attempts to interfere and stop the beginning process of revolutionary transformations which is inconvertible now. If the interim government wants or not but the revolution cannot be stopped as the revolution was made by people for the freedom and happiness sake… I think that the interim government prematurely puts the April event within constitutional frameworks. But no one Constitution supposes revolution that must fulfill its mission up to the end and purify the society saving it from recurrences."

Is it not important to stabilize situation as soon as possible and stop chaos and disorders now?

"The normalization as we observe it now can fall back into place because the interim government triggers a flashback. They spread portfolios by party and clans features. There are no any signs of competence and professionalism. Do they think people don’t notice that? Well, press is shouting about that. The family of Bakiev was given the possibility to escape but their allies are still in the power structures; and what about the interim government? They complain that they cannot do anything. Meanwhile members of Ak-Zhol party rear head and frighten new authorities by trials."

So, how can the situation develop in the country?

"Kyrgyzstan is despairingly lost in transition period in this cruel social disease. The transition period is troublous times when laws and Constitution stop working. Appeals to normalization are appeals to social habitude i.e. keeping the transition period. It is too early to pacify as we don’t achieve main goals; previous officials changing color return to the power. Figuratively speaking the patient is in reanimation ready to die. What about should he think? About Constitution, mode of governing, who will be the Speaker, President or Prime-Minister? About regulatory bodies legitimization? Which ones? Regulatory bodies are big group of recolored officials. Do you know what I say you? Officials never save the country they will ruin it only."

Well, what can you suggest the interim government then?

"Nothing. They care about creation of parliament republic. Undoubtedly this model is more progressive. But it is prematurely to implement it here. You shouldn’t forget we are living in the criminal state. Some time ago Askar Akaev dealt with the original gangster Ryspek as well as Kurmanbek Bakiev did. Today the interim government bears that gangsters put own persons in the chairs of akim. Will the renew Constitution take roots in the criminal state? Well, I will give the advice: don’t deceive people saying everything is fine and we have enough diesel oil and foods…"

Do you belief that police is demoralized and not able to establish order?

"I think all security agencies must be reformed immediately in accordance with the revolutionary time… thus, one of the headers of security agencies complained that he cannot get rid of Bakiev’s allies in the SNSS. They execute his orders at daytime but at nights they inform previous owners. So, such security agencies bring damage than benefit for the society."

Do you see any way out this chaotic, illegal, alarming and ambiguous situation?

"I see it in the clear and comprehensible for everybody program that outlines ways of overcoming the crisis. The recipe for success is in the powerful spirit of our people."

Will you argue that everybody was shocked by watching what Kyrgyz revolutionaries did with minister of inner affairs Moldomusa Kongantiev…

"Mankind in the threshold of 21st century is wary of any revolutions, social upheavals and damages. Surely, everybody was shocked seeing tortured minister of inner affairs. But the regime embittered people."

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