Saturday, October 03, 2015

Una Lee & Peter Wullen - ¿nterst¿ces (Petroglyph 385)

"¿nterst¿ces" is a collection of soundpoems based on original poems by Peter Wullen set to music by sound artist Una Lee. Their collaboration started after they got to know of each other’s works online in late 2013. These tracks were made in 2014.


1. Story I

2. Black Canary

3. Persian Cat Blues

4. Wonky Alice

5. Hoplitis Spoliata

6. Story II

7. Maimed

8. Hollow Head

9. Incestuous Sisters

All Poems by Peter Wullen

Piano - Una Lee (Track 9)

Violin - Hyo Jung Kim (Track 9)

Artwork by Marta Revillas,

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