Wednesday, October 28, 2015

"Handmade Horse" by Daniele Santagiuliana & Peter Wullen (Hortus Conclusus Records)


Handmade Horse (2015)

Testing Vault aka Daniele Santagiuliana is one of the most prolific and known cult figures in Italian and Post-Industrial Music. Born in 1983 he ran his little label, Looney-Tick Productions from 2013. He worked with many other artists and under many different monikers.

Peter Wullen is a poet and a writer. He also works in the field of audio and video poetry. Videopoems by several international artists can be found on Vimeo . Sound releases on SONM, KSV, BLOSSOMING NOISE, HAZE, PETROGLYPH RECORDS.

Music: shortwave radio loops, broken turntable, micro death synth and vocals


1. Handmade Horse: cut-up of a recipe of kazy karta found somewhere on the net

2. All My European Friends... : cut-up from an interview with John Duncan, with kind permission of John, interview was published in the book Micro Bionic: Radical Electronic Music & Sound Art in the 21st Century by Thomas Bey William Bailey

© 2015

All the tracks are written and composed by: Daniele Santagiuliana and Peter Wullen

Cover art and graphic design by: Linda de Luca

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