Saturday, May 05, 2012

Francisco López - untitled #284

I don't agree with people who maintain that Francisco López has been doing the same thing all over for years. It even seems to me that he has been seeking a slightly different direction lately. His collaboration with the Dutch MAE Ensemble on 'untitled #275" and some pieces on 'untitled (2009)' even tend to the 'classical' as I may say so. Although for a noise artist it sounds preposterous to make 'classical music', for López it looks like a completely natural evolution. It looks like his looking for a more organic sound while using computers anyway. His new composition 'untitled #284' is a commisioned piece for the Teatro Municipal Maria Matos in Lisbon. The composition features treated environmental sounds that sometimes sound like a spectral orchestra in complete overdrive. I especially love the first 5 minutes that sound like an orchestral drone pounding one spectacular note at a time. Truly impressive piece of work!

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