Wednesday, May 02, 2012

ECCE HOMO - Portrait of Célestin Deliège, the Last Master of the Modernists

I just finished watching this DVD that I received a couple of days ago from the good people of Sub Rosa about the enigmatic Belgian music theoretician Célestin Deliège, the Antonin Artaud of Belgian musicology. In the beginning he declares quite frankly that 'democracy is bad for music' and that music is in 'decline since the end of the fifties'. But isn't all art? The film is a very moving portrait of Deliège being interviewed by several composers like Pascal Decroupet, Fred Lerdahl, Ictus Ensemble, and others... The part about 'Index of metals' by Fausto Romuletti is revealing to say the least. Although very sick and already at the end of his life during the interviews he retained a keen memory and a fighting spirit. The interviews range from rightly polemic to didactic and truly amiable. Overall, it is an homage to a man that i've really start to admire very much who is maybe not well known to the general public but who certainly deserves a little bit more attention.;jsessionid=408F71012E8D266FE79B8E63FE8DBB9C

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