Saturday, December 03, 2011

Francisco López vs. Zeitkratzer

A couple of days ago I had a vision that German new music ensemble Zeitkratzer played 'untitled #231' from 'untitled (2009)', the new album of Francisco López on Baskaru. I'm convinced that they could make something spectacular of this ultradeep, spectral and multilayered sound. But just now the label Unsounds released 'untitled #275', a collaboration of López with Dutch new music man Reinier Van Houdt of the Ensemble MAE. This is fabulous as well. The two part work is based on a kind of radical reconception of the piano, see the Reinhold Friedl album 'Inside Piano' from a couple of months ago. 'Movement 1' starts with some serious rhythmical thumping on the piano. Later other orchestral sounds join in. This remains a typical López composition with loud parts and relatively silent parts, where you can only hear the musician(s) rumbling with instruments amidst some white noise. The last minutes of 'Movement 1' are particularly beautifull with a stark melody of four notes repeated endlessly and some minimalistic piano playing. In 'Movement 2' López explores and transforms the piano part in his studio to a fascinating electro-acoustic composition of 35 minutes. This is probably the best contemporary 'classical' music you will hear this year made by an electronic artist.

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