Thursday, December 01, 2011

Francisco López - 'Untitled (2009)'

I'm a fan of Francisco López. It would take a lifetime to follow everything he produces but once in a while I pick something out. After 'köllt/kulu' here's another nice release, this time on the French label Baskaru. 'untitled (2009)' is a good starting point if you don't know López yet. It's noise but soothing, structured & organic. For this album he worked together with Phill Niblock, Rutger Zuydervelt of Machinefabriek and others. Although the sounds are derived from natural sources most of the time you can't figure out what you are hearing. Which is part of the process of course. Luckily the nicely designed innersleeve contains some references and info. Impressive and timeless stuff!

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