Saturday, October 15, 2011

Reinhold Friedl - 'Eight Equidistant pure wave oscillators,...'

Zeitkratzer renaissance man Reinhold Friedl releases one interesting record after the other. 'Inside piano' still rings in our ears and here's already another project. You can hardly call 'Eight Equidistant Pure Wave Oscillators, While Slipping Very Slowly To A Unison, Textually Spatialised On Eight Speakers, Concret, 60 Minutes' a follow-up to 'Inside piano' because it is a completely different concept. While listening I kept asking myself: how can you play this album on a 2-speaker system when it was made with 8? How can I listen to this in the right way. I noticed too that you have to put the volume at a certain level to hear all the details, overtones, fluctuations and the sound jumping from one speaker to another until they all get together in unison. If volume is too low it becomes a background mesh. I really enjoy this one though. Very quiet & calming sounds. This album really deserves a lot of attention. Very special indeed!

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