Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mazzy Star - 'Common Burn'

At last two new songs by Mazzy Star. The last new work from reclusive David Roback & breathtakingly beautifull Hope Sandoval dates already back from 1995! Roback kind of retired to Norway. Sandoval released two intimate soloalbums and worked together with almost everyone: The Jesus & Mary Chain, Bert Jansch, The Chemical Brothers, Massive Attack, Vetiver and more. The world has changed considerably since Roback and Sandoval last got together. After 16 years you would think that they would release something like 'the best record of the year'. But 'Common Burn' is vintage Mazzy Star, with that trademark crystal clear guitar sound we all know & some beautifull harmonica by Sandoval. Great ambiguous lyrics too! A well produced but very laid down song. Not so mysterious & dreamy as before. 'Common Burn' is not revolutionary or worldshaking but simply a gorgeous song. It's like Roback & Sandoval knew that nobody - not even the record companies! - is really waiting for a new Mazzy Star (Mazzy who?) album after all these years. But this means that the couple sounded relaxed enough with eachother to bring out their best music to date. A full album & a tour follow early next year.

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