Friday, June 01, 2018

A Secret For Marco Lucchi by V/A: Varioius Artists

Tracking List:

1) Alvin van der Linde- "Sprinkle Twit of Unknown Love"- Exhibition:Red Volume 2 VA- Submarine Broadcasting Company

2-4) Corona Barathari- "Litania Antiquis", Xerxes the Dark- "Dagon (MMXX)", Adonal Atrophia- "The Black Seas of Infinity"- All from VA In Tenebris Scriptus- A Dark Aural Tribute to H.P. Lovecraft

5) Replikant- "rise_and_fall"

6) Vince Sangiorgio- "Imprints Memories"

7) Marco Lucchi- "Nocturnal Meditation 1"- Nocturnal Meditations

8-16) I, Eternal- "Je mens avec Talent", M.NOMIZED- "Minimalucchi Music", Emmy K, Molly Bloom, Peter Wullen, Glenn Sogge- "Saunassa (Glenn Sogge Mix)", Adeptus Mechanicus- "Trip Across the Neural System", Hari Hardman- "Operatore Estocerico", Bloom- "Do you Want to Know a Secret?", Constantin Blu- "Melo Drones Groove, Res B- "Lyrical Space Diary #25", Nora Mulder/{AN} Eel- "Inside the Piano", all from A Secret for Marco Lucchi VA- Panpanpanavianddistresscall.

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