Wednesday, January 22, 2014

'MUTATIONS' by Una Lee & Peter Wullen.

We have our contribution to the 'NO BULLSHIT' tribute to ZK. It's loosely based on the piece 'Mutation' by ZK + Aube. I wrote the cutup poem 'MUTATIONS' as a starting point. Una Lee created the startling soundscape with sounds she found in Belfast. There's a dramatic breaking point in words and sounds in the middle of the sound poem which makes it breathtaking. It's a blast. It's LOUD. It's NO BULLSHIT....

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Peter Wullen said...

A Sonic Tribute to Zbigniew Karkowski (1958-2013)
Dear friends,
An update on the sound compilation tribute to Zbigniew Karkowski.
As of today, I have already received the contributions from 13 people.
Almost one hundred artists, however, said they’d contribute and many of you
have asked for an extension of the January 31st deadline.
Therefore, the deadline for sending your tracks/pieces has been extended to:
Another additional reason for this extension is that I’ve just received
confirmation that we have found the resources (available only from March)
to make a physical edition of this tribute compilation (most likely a data
DVD with uncompressed audio files, due to the amount of total recorded
This would be through the non-profit “SONM” initiative (Sound Archive of
Experimental Music and Sound Art) I created as few years ago in the
“Puertas de Castilla” Cultural Center in Murcia, Southern Spain:
Some of Zbigniew’s work, which he personally pased on to me, is already in
the archive:
and also –thanks to the contributions of Thomas BW Bailey and Carl Michael
von Hausswolff- also an incipient section/tribute to Zbigniew:
Those resources include being able to send 5 copies of the physical release
to all participating artists. Any distribution of any remaining copies
(SONM is not a label/distributor and is a non-profit organization) will go
into covering some manufacturing+postage expenses. If any profits are made
(unfortunately very unlikely) they will all go to Atsuko Nojiri, partner of
In addtion to this, an online / streaming-only release of the compilation
will also be done in parallel through the SONM Archive website.
With best regards,
Francisco López.