Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bérangère Maximin - 'No one is an island'

Interesting new name on Sub Rosa: Bérangère Maximin. On her brand new album Maximin worked together with luminaries like Fennesz, Rhys Chatham, Richard Pinhas Richard and Frederic D. Oberland. I've really come to appreciate this one. Even if I don't particularly like her singing though on 'Knitting in the air' - it sounds a little bit too artificial - this is largely compensated by two outstanding tracks: 'Bicéphale Ballade' with its suppressed singing sighing sounds exactly like a Christian Fennesz track and it probably is too. And I could swear that Ekkehard Ehlers played on 'Where the skin meets the bone', which sounds like a deranged Jon Hassell track. Very nice one, this!



bmaximin said...

"it probably is too" ???? WTF.
Actually, this track was composed with Fennesz on guitar, as written in the booklet!
'Where The Skin Meets the Bone' was composed with Rhys Chatham on trumpet.
Thanks. B

Peter Wullen said...

No idea! I didn't get any booklet. Just a promotional DL. Good stuff!

bmaximin said...

oh ok, that's why...you can find the info here:

cheers, BM