Thursday, January 14, 2010

Belgische surrealisten in de VS.

"A special 96-page "Surrealism in the Service of the Revolution" issue, edited by Franklin, appeared in January 1970; 5000 copies were printed - a thousand more than any previous issue. Later editions devoted substantial sections to French surrealist Benjamin Péret and Belgian E.L.T. Mesens. Under the Chicago group's direction, RA also published several handsome pamphlets - the "Surrealist Research & Development Monograph Series" - featuring works by the Chicagoans as well as Leonora Carrington, Joseph Jablonski, Paul Nougé, Nancy Joy Peters, and Toyen."

excerpt from 'Surrealist Subversion in Chicago: The forecast is hotter than ever!' by Ron Sakolsky, in the book 'Surrealist Subversions - Rants, Writings & Images by the Surrealist Movement in the United States', edited and introduced by Ron Sakolsky, Autonomedia 2002, ISBN 1-57027-122-4, page 69.

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Luc Fierens said...

merci, thanks ,ELT Mesens is one of my favourite collagists & Nougé made very critical texts. That is why they are almost forgotten. Mainstream magritte/delvaux well known but others almost forgotten. Do you know the work of Chavée? brilliant surrealist from la Louvière
Luc Fierens